So iRooster 1.0 was supposed to go live on Friday. Unfortunately, due to one of those Murphy’s Law-sort-of-things, my account rep at esellerate left the office early on thursday because he felt sick, and never came in on friday. oh well. That’s life, and I don’t consider it to be a huge disaster. I have noticed a couple of attempts to download the app from its homepage that obviously failed, but nothing too terribly egregious has occurred. I am currently spreading my time between sketching out features for 1.1, which will be a free upgrade for 1.0 users, and finishing my senior project, which is due Monday.

Among the highlights so far for 1.1 is a total no-brainer: 1.1 gets rid of the need to use AppleScript to discover playlists. The result of this is that the issue where iTunes gets opened the first time iRooster runs goes away. Also, this will mean that the playlist manifest can be updated pretty much constantly using the handy-dandy Foundation class NSFileManager. There are a number of other fun things I intend to introduce (including some stuff requested by John Chang. See, I do listen to requests :-) ).

On a totally unrelated note, I finally heard today from my friend, Sarah, who lives in Brooklyn. She’s had something of a star-crossed time living in New York, so far. She moved there in the first week of Sept 2001, and now this. Oh well. In any case, she works on the 21st floor of some building in Manhattan right now. She left work around 12pm eastern on Thursday because she didn’t feel very well, got home not too long after that, napped, and woke up at 3 when her roommate got home from Germany. Needless to say, they got really lucky. The subway apparently started coming back online today. It looks like things will be back to normal in time for the start of the work-week on Monday.

My sister, Amara, received her Ph.D. in Public Health yesterday. My other sister, Aislinn, is moving back to Minnesota with her husband and daughter next month. I, meanwhile, fully intend to be living on the west coast in the not too distant future. We’ll see how well that works out, but all I can do for now is keep releases of iRooster in the pipe, my head down, etc. Cheers :-)