For some reason I just decided to figure out what I took for my B.S. in Computer Science. Here’s the full list: African-Amer Lit, Intro To Psychology, Government & Politics in a Changing World, Intro to Comp. Sci: Programming In C, Dynamic Earth (Geology 1001, or Rocks for Jocks), U.S. Foreign Policy, Music, Movies, Amer. 20th Cent (American Studies), Astronomy 1001, Structure of Computer Programming 1 (Scheme!), Calculus 1, Structure of Computer Programming 2 (Data structures in Java), Technology and Civilization to the Industrial Revolution, Calculus 2, Physics for Scientists and Engineers 1, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra with Differential Equations, Early Cambrian Geology, Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2, Machine Architecture (x86 assembler! w00t!), Algorithms and Data Structures, Ancient Political Thought, Operating Systems, Software Engineering 1, History of Science: Modern Science, General Biology, Formal Languages and Automata Theory, UI Design and Implementation, Cryptology and Number Theory, Human-Machine Interaction, Human Evolution, Numerical Computing, Advanced Project Laboratory (Senior Project), GUI Toolkits, Software Engineering 2, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Internet Tools and Communication Issues, Probability and Statistics for Scientists and Engineers