WesnerM writes today on a topic that concerns me occasionally: “By denying the customer a second chance to evaluate the software when they are likely ready to buy, I bet FeedDemon has lost a number of customers.”

How many customers for iRooster have I lost because they downloaded it months ago, and now decide that they may really want to buy the newest version, but can’t try it out first?

I think I have ameliorated some of these problems. iRooster 2.0 did a preferences update that would remove the key I used to prevent a re-try, so people who had decided that iRooster 1.1 wasn’t right for them can still give 2.0 the go-round for 14 days.

Additionally, I still do offer a 30-day money back guarantee on iRooster, no questions asked. There’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t take advantage of this.

Still, food for thought…