iRooster 2.1 is coming, and it’s going to be really friggin’ cool. I wasn’t intending to make my next release a big deal (it was just going to be 2.0.4), but I was seized by a strong desire to implement a feature…which lead itself to another feature, and now I’m just cleaning things up and fixing some bugs.

But, here’s a hint as to what’s to come: This needs more work, definitely. Now that I have this integrated properly into iRooster I have noticed a number of deficiencies that I’ll have to correct. Even so, we’re probably not looking at more than a couple weeks to get this finished and out the door.

Bear in mind that all of the data on that website is live, and coming straight out of my copy of iRooster and into a database. And that is an RSS feed that is being constructed on the fly. And there are more to come.

One odd consequence of all the work I’ve done tonight is that I am now building the CURLHandle framework into iRooster. Funny thing, you wouldn’t expect an alarm clock to need the cuisinart of file transfer frameworks built in, but such is life at times. Of course, adding this chunk of code to iRooster wouldn’t be worth it if the Snooze window couldn’t automatically download missing artwork, so I’ve taken care of that too ;-).

Oh dear god, I need to sleep. It’s 4am and I must must must get up in no more than 6 hours. I need to go bake a pie in the morning.