I haven’t seen my friend, Hannah Baines, in about 18 months. We got together tonight for a drink at the Kitty Kat Club, one of my favorite places to chill when I’m back in the land of Snow and Purple Rain. I walk in and notice a couple people who graduated from my high school… Then I stopped, looked closer, and realized that 50 or 60 people from the class of 1999 were surrounding me.

As it works out, I had blundered into the fucking 1999 Minneapolis South high school reunion. Weird. Really weird. I ran into a ton of people I never expected to see again, and finally met a few people I had “known,” but never actually met.

I called my friend Owen, expecting that he’d get a kick out of it. He did, and even got a date out of it with a girl we both had a thing for back in the day. Good for him. But still profoundly weird.

I’m looking forward to mine now, rather than viewing it as a trainwreck waiting to happen. One thing it definitely reminded me of, though, is that the best thing I ever did was move to Seattle. I’m looking forward to getting back to my life on Wednesday. It should be good.