My friend Stef filled out this silly collection of information about herself on her LiveJournal and I’m going to do the same.

Name: Aaron Brethorst Age: 22 Gender: Male Birthday: July 4 Zodiac: Cancer, duh. Height: 6 feet, thanks. hair: brown. eyes: hazel

FAVORITES Food: Japanese, Pagliacci’s pizza, Gelato. color: VSCOLORS_TOOLWINDOW_BORDER Season: Spring! Band: Right now? Probably Green Day or Radiohead. Singer: Beats me… Movie: Depends entirely on my mood. TV Show: Alias, wooooo!!!! Day of the week: Friday, woooo!!!!!!! article of clothing: My high-top Chucks. Body part of opposite sex: Legs. (except for Stef. I love her nose.) Body Part on you: ??? indoor activity: Sleeping. outdoor activity: walking, veg’ing in the sun. place: El Diablo or Kerry Park. dream job: Gee, maybe being a Program Manager at Microsoft ;-).

Which is Better Sunrise or sunset: Sunset Hot or cold: Eww. Neither. Day or night: Night. Boys or Girls: Girls planned or spontaneous: Planned Pain or no feeling at all: Pain Love or Hate: Love TV or movies: Movies (except for Alias, wooooo!!!!!) Pool or Spa: Pool buried or cremated: Cremated One partner or many: One Beer or Weed: Mac and Jack’s, thanks. Dance or Sing: Sing in my car. Plane or Train: Plane. Truck, car, or van: Car School or church: School Big group or small group: Small Baseball or Football: Soccer. Soccer or basketball: Soccer. Ugly and Smart or Attractive and stupid: Ugly and Smart Phone or in person: Email. Blond or brunette: Brunette annoying or boring: Boring Sweet or Salty: Sweet Sex, drugs, rock & roll–or–$, power, respect: I’ll take stupid questions for $400, Alex. Love or Money: Love Big house or nice car: Big House (have you seen the housing prices in Seattle? Jeez.) kids or no kids: Kids beach, mountains, or forest: Mountains. Coke or Pepsi: Coke Dogs or Cats: Cats Bath or shower: Shower Soft or Hard: Firm, thanks (pillows) City or Country: City Pen or pencil: Pen Destiny or choice: Choice

FINISH THE SENTENCE Pamela Anderson… is plastic. Eminem…needs better hair. Fred Durst…paid me ten bucks. Christina Aguilera…is creepy Britney Spears…is just pathetic. MTV…is dull. Metallica….’s band members are still alive?. Girls…are fun. Guys…aren’t interesting to me. Drinking beer…and listening to the Fiasco. Love…that Joker. Parties…are overrated. Sleeping…is a luxury. Chris Rock…is funny. Hanson…scares me. Seriously. God…i need a bagel.