A great article on the microcosm that is the Senator-only elevators on Capitol Hill is to be found at the New York Times today. A few particularly amusing anecdotes are shared about the elevator, including these two about my beloved Minnesotans:

Several senators and staff members recalled the penchant of Paul Wellstone, the late Minnesota senator, for recruiting nonsenators to ride the elevator with him. Mr. Cook remembered Senator Hubert H. Humphrey coming aboard an elevator, saying hello and asking where Mr. Cook was from. “Shreveport, Louisiana,” Mr. Cook replied, and Mr. Humphrey proceeded to unburden himself of everything he knew about Shreveport — what Congressional district the city was in, who represented it in Congress and the restaurant where he ate during a visit there. “He basically kept talking through the ride, as he walked off the elevator, down the hall and around the corner,” Mr. Cook marveled.

It also reminds me how much I miss Paul Wellstone.