Markus Mielke, a Program Manager on the Internet Explorer team, has published an exhaustively thorough list of changes to IE 7’s CSS support on the IE Team blog on MSDN.

Markus also makes mention of the IE 7 Readiness Toolkit, which provides:

  • Pointer to the latest publicly available build of Internet Explorer 7.
  • Developer Checklist including new features and changes of interest to application and web developers should be aware of.
  • Testing guidance and tips for isolating and identifying a particular compatibility problem.
  • Tools for development and testing.
  • Links to resources, technical articles and helpful blog posts.
  • Various methods for providing feedback to Microsoft.
  • </ol> Cool stuff, in any case. I look forward to seeing IE 7 reach RTM, and to the continuing efforts of the IE team. It's good to see that they're back and firing on all cylinders :-)