I recently got into a disagreement with the Director of Marketing for a Seattle startup that shall go unnamed. Her company recently went through a logo redesign project, and got a new default Powerpoint template out of the deal. I think it looks decent enough, except that the fonts selected for use in the Powerpoint template are hideous. She disagreed, and we decided to settle this in the only way left to us 21st century folk. Google.

So, let’s compare a couple search results: Arial Sucks vs. Franklin Gothic Book sucks.

I rest my case.

Interestingly, take a look at the search results for other common fonts: Mac OS’s classic font, Chicago, does not appear to suck. However, the city does appear to. Lucida Grande, the Mac OS X font, does not appear to suck. Segoe UI, the new font for Windows Vista, also does not suck. Comic Sans is Evil, incarnate. Everyone hates Comic Sans.