Microsoft’s experimental photo gallery-sharing application, Project Max, was just updated for the first time in six months on Friday. This latest release requires .NET FX 3.0 RC1, and offers you the ability to view RSS and ATOM feeds, weirdly enough. This is a significant departure from past behavior, and seems to represent a broadening of the scope of Max. I don’t know if the Max team will continue adding new types of functionality to their application, but this certainly bodes well if they do.

On another front, I must say that I adore the Max team’s sense of levity about their purpose. They don’t have the attitude of “we’re a big, serious team developing big serious software.” Instead, they inject humor and humanity into everything they do, even their installation instructions: “System Requirements, Recommended: Beverage and snack. The installation may take a while.”

Many of their error messages follow the same vein:

This is the message you get when max does something wrong and we don't have an explanation. We thought you'd prefer an honest answer instead of "Unkown error". Please start Max again. And hopefully we'll fix this problem in the next update.

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Also, I will be traveling today to Minnesota to attend a recruiting event and visit with the family. I will hopefully be able to post content on a daily basis, but I may be slow on a few days.