I attended the Venture All-Stars party tonight, followed by a trip over to my friend Rachel’s apartment to hang out and catch up. Rachel is a complete “n00b” when it comes to computers, and assumes that being Scobleized is something rather dirty. Anyway, the point being was that it’s always interesting to be in “your element” and immediately leave it for something completely removed. It’s a good reminder that the blogosphere still doesn’t matter to 99% of the people out there.

I had a fantastic time at the Venture All-Stars party, in any case. I met a number of interesting people, including Brian Mulvaney and Scott Niesen from Attensa; Buzz Bruggeman, the CEO of ActiveWord Systems; John Anthony Hartman, co-founder of Feedia; Marshall Kirkpatrick of TechCrunch (me: “wow, I always assumed you were shorter and balder…” him: “I am so insulted right now” … bear in mind, Marshall’s response was paraphrased); and an old friend from college, Mike (Mikey) Graca of OldTownFancy. Perhaps the most interesting person I met, though, was a usability engineer in Boeing’s IT group. We had an interesting, 45 minute-long conversation about everything from French influence on Vietnam to the dynamics of consuming Guiness with tea (see posting title).

In any case, the calling cards from Moo were a huge hit. Marshall loved them, although I had to explain what exactly the text on the card meant several times over.

Update: a couple of other things I forgot. One: Scoble did not get his free booze. His loss. Two: I also met Drew Meyers from Zillow, who turns out to be all of 23 or 24 (not that I’m any older ;-). Three: I, just like everyone else on the planet, am working on a super-secret Web 2.0 thingy, and no I won’t tell you what it is.