Apparently, I’m late to get on the bandwagon, but I just found out that Adobe released a preview of Flash Lite 2.1 for Windows Mobile 5 last month. I think this is a pretty big deal. With this, you’re now able able to deploy Flash content on Symbian, Windows Mobile, BREW, NTT DoCoMo i-mode, and (duh) Windows and OS X. With the increasing prevalence of 2.5 and 3G data around the world and in the United States (finally…), I think we’ll see a dramatic rise in rich content on mobile phones.

I’m hoping to find some time to play around with this stuff as soon as I finish up the other three or four active projects on my plate (which doesn’t include that whole day-job thing). There’s a great deal of potential here, and I’d love to see what the platform can really do.