‘Dirty’ Diana Eng, a contestant from Season 2 of Project Runway, and two other women, Emily Albinski and Audrey Roy, neither of whom I have a crush on, took the top prize at Yahoo’s Hack Day ‘06 with their Blogging in Motion project, which combined the Flickr APIs, a purse, a pedometer and a camera to take pictures every few steps as a person walks along.

This project actually sounds very similar to one of Diana’s previous projects, cited in her Project Runway entrance interview, where a person would wear a hoodie equipped with a heart rate monitor and a camera to take pictures when the wearer’s heart rate spiked (i.e. for interesting events).

TechCrunch has more coverage, although it’s pretty clear from reading it that Michael Arrington doesn’t watch Project Runway.

Diana’s weblog has more information about her, as well, although it hasn’t been updated since July.

Update: I just found out from Wikipedia that Emily Albinski collaborates with Diana on their label Black Box Nation.