As this year draws to an end, I wanted to offer a few predictions for what I think 2007 will bring:

  1. Apple will release a new UI with Mac OS X 10.5 that is reminiscent of iTunes 7, and I will spend the rest of the year slagging it.

  2. The word “innovative” will be used in a sentence with another Microsoft product.

  3. I will begin offering many more thoughts on Web 2.0 usability and design than I do today.

  4. Slashdot will become even less relevant, but Digg may not necessarily gain a greater readership for it. In fact, I think that 2007 will show that Digg has peaked. For Slashdot, I think we will find that its Alexa rating (where lower == better) has gone from 228 to something above 300.

  5. will change its name to something a little more aspirational and less asinine.

  6. Apple will release an iPhone, the journos will go nuts for it, and people who actually need their mobile phones for business will yawn and go back to their Blackberries.

  7. Drunkenbatman will actually post something to his blog. It may or may not crash your browser.

  8. Either Final Fantasy XIII or Metal Gear Solid 4 will be announced for the Xbox 360.