I’ll admit it: I made a rookie mistake when I migrated this weblog over to WordPress. I had been neglecting my blog for over a month, but even so, FeedBurner reported that I had more subscribers to my blog than ever before. I spent the better part of a day this past weekend moving all of my content to WordPress, choosing a new theme that I didn’t find abhorrent, fixing links and images, reconfiguring my FeedBurner configuration, and figuring out how to make sure my permalinks didn’t change between MT and WP (this was a pain in the ass, by the way).

Finally, the big moment came; I flipped the switch, changed a few settings, and moved my blog to WP. I was happy, ecstatic, elated, excited, and thoroughly enthused. And then Sunday’s statistics came out on FeedBurner. My traffic had halved itself. “Huh, that must be a fluke,” I told myself. “Maybe it’s just the Oscars.” Lo and behold, Monday’s statistics were no better. I started worrying a bit at this point. Did everyone hate me all of a sudden? Was I revealed for the fraud that I’m not? I couldn’t figure it out.

Just a few minutes ago, I was walking to one of the four coffee shops that function within a three block radius of my apartment (Starbucks, Ladro, Victrola, and some random hole-in-the-wall I never go to) and had an epiphany. Way back when, when I moved to FeedBurner, I had monkeyed with the .htaccess file for my blog to ensure that all traffic to my feeds was redirected to FeedBurner’s servers. Of course, when I installed WordPress I nuked said .htaccess file in the process. Oops. Rookie mistake. It never occurred to me that I would need to update it. Dumb dumb dumb. Everything’s patched up now, and should be peachy-keen. Apologies for the dumb mistake.