It hasn’t even been a month since we launched Popfly, but we already finished our first batch of updates for the site with a ton of new features! We have some notes up on our team blog about the new features; here’s an abbreviated list of my favorites:

  • Silverlight Streaming-hosted videos, so Mac users get a great video experience, too! 
  • Block suggestions to help you build your mashups  
  • Loading the mashup designer is enormously faster in IE, but it’s also faster in Firefox as well
  • Saving mashups should now be a bit faster (for all browsers)
  • Mashups that hang should now be the exception rather than the rule
  • Loading avatars in search results should be much faster (for all browsers) 
  • You can see when every member joined Popfly
  • Slick inline UI for adding a dev key (no more popup blocker madness) 
  • You can now click someone’s block from their project page to instantly use it in a mashup
  • Preview-time console to help power-users debug 
  • Tons of new blocks: Live Ads, Live Image Search, Live News, Live Search, Live Spellchecker, Phonebook, Bar Graph, PhotoShow, and Straw Poll

Additionally, the Popfly community has been hard at work with over 125 user-contributed blocks! These community-built services are incredibly cool, and feature such awesome things as:

  • Virtual Earth 3D support
  • World of Warcraft player data
  • Weatherbug
  • Top iTunes songs

Whew, what a list! Anyway, I need to get back to my features for our next release, which we’re in the thick of developing right now. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next :)