I was just reading a truly bizarre (yet oddly heartwarming) story on MSNBC about how a deaf mother dolphin and her newborn calf are getting along at a marine mammal rehabilitation center in the Florida Keys, but I was terribly disheartened to discover the lack of proofing present in a few paragraphs:

Officials hope the calf will develop communications' skills by speaking to dolphins at Dolphins Plus when the system is fully turned on soon.

Mother, calif will not be released Mother and calf are to remain at the Conservancy for at least six months before relocating to a more permanent facility. Castaway can't be released because a dolphin needs to hear to utilize echo localization, or dolphin sonar, to survive.</blockquote>

Oh. My. God. This is an AP newswire story, too, which has traditionally meant (to me at least) that it would meet certain standards of quality. Evidently not. I think the author(s) would be well-served to spend some time reading Matthew Stibbe's blog.