Who am I? Why am I here? I don’t even remember anymore. Anyway, I watched the debate tonight with 150 or so people from Washington’s 43rd Legislative District, and thought that it was essentially a draw. Bear in mind: this is not an ideal outcome, given that foreign policy is supposed to be McCain’s strongest suit. Going into tonight, it seemed like this was McCain’s best and last chance to even the score with Obama. Snap polls indicate that Obama won, but as Josh Marshall rightly points out, this perspective may change over the next few days. Nate Silver also has interesting thoughts on this (as he always does).

That said, it doesn’t matter. McCain had to pull away in this one. He didn’t. It was Obama’s game yesterday and this morning, and it sure as shit is now, too.

By the way, Election ‘08 is still absolutely non-partisan. In fact, given the way most pollsters seem to be under-representing the prospective youth and African-American vote, you could even argue that its numbers are right-leaning. This won’t change the minds of the 50 or so people who’ve given me negative ratings for a perceived liberal bias, but it’s the simple truth. I’d rather be a pessimist all the way up to next January than not.