Here’s what’s been happening over the past couple days with Election ‘08:

  • A server hiccup made the app unusable for a few hours - I have an update in the queue with Apple to address this sort of thing in the future; I will be hosting all of the data that the app consumes on Amazon S3, which should offer rock-solid stability, and will also have the added benefit of letting me update the polls whenever new data comes in.
  • Data is stale - See above. This will be addressed by the update, too.
  • New features forthcoming soon - The update in the queue with Apple is version 1.1, and several new features, listed below.

New Features in version 1.1:

  • Battleground states: See which races are the closest at the touch of a button. 
  • Polling sources: See the sources of every state poll displayed.
  • Historical polling data: See every poll conducted in 2008.
  • National tracking polls: See who's winning the nation-wide horse race with numbers updated every day.
  • Poll smoothing algorithm improvements: State poll leads are calculated using a smoothing algorithm that take all of the latest polls into account.
Thanks again for all of your feedback on Election '08, positive and negative alike! I'm looking over every feature-related comment, and will try to get every one of them into the app as soon as possible.