I use TextMate for just about everything: Skytap Virtual Lab, processing random text files, storing notes and thoughts…you name it. I just heard about the new “TextMate killer” for the Mac from the creators of CSSEdit and gave it a try. The app, Espresso is super-pretty, but seemingly limited at the moment. Here’s an example.

Opening up the folder that contains my checked out copy of the Virtual Lab trunk? Doesn’t work in Espresso, works beautifully in TextMate. Instant fail. (yes, I did send them feedback on this).


I sent mail to the creators of Espresso to gripe about this, and heard back: drag a folder onto the Espresso icon. Not what I was expecting, but at least it’s possible. Thing is, though, that Espresso still doesn’t support Yaml, Ruby, Erb, or Haml. No love for Aaron, apparently.