Steve has a new post up on TechCrunchIT. It’s six paragraphs long, and took me a good three read-throughs before I found the kernel of meaning buried deep within. Steve’s articles remind me vaguely of the high school English class I had about a decade ago where we read Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. I’d kinda skim over a paragraph and find myself thoroughly confused by the introduction of two new characters and the death of someone else. I think it took me two weeks to slog through its hundred-odd pages with the barest modicum of understanding.

Anyway: onto Steve. Today’s article, Fork in the Road, says that broadcast media is going bye-bye, and it will be replaced with on-demand, targeted content. Furthermore, this can be demonstrated by the adoption of this medium by people as diverse as Neil Young and Barack Obama. The money quote in the article is reprinted below:

Today I get an email from a friend with a pointer to a new Neil Young song. It's the...fork in the road where we say what we want and who we want it to over the realtime network.