The Mac OS X shareware application that I have been working on, iRooster, is done. Well, that is, except for the lovely business of integrating the eSellerate engine into it. I have to say, the eSellerate people have been really cool, and really helpful, but their API for Cocoa apps (the same API used for Carbon apps, and the same API for Win32) deserves a good makeover. Normally, when I run into issues with getting something done with a piece of software it is the human aspects of things that cause me no end of grief. Not so here, it’s taken me far longer than I anticipated to integrate this purchasing system into my application.

I took the day off work today because my car needed to be fixed (it’s in the repair shop right now getting an oil change + muffler repair + turn signal repair), and there was no way I could get to work without my car. As a result I have a good deal of spare time today to bum around with things like iRooster. I have already fixed one potentially huge, scarring issue with the eSellerate engine, and hopefully I’ll be just about done by the time the auto repair people call.