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Apr 08, 2024
internship gsoc

Advice to prospective Google Summer of Code participants

(Note: because “prospective GSoC participant” is a mouthful, I refer to these folks as “students” throughout the rest of this post, even though you no longer have to be a student to participate in GSoC!) You may have heard that the Open Transit S...

Feb 28, 2024
productivity ios notes macos

How I Manage My TODO lists

On July 20, 2020, I decided to start tracking my TODO items in Apple’s Notes app on my Mac. I had just agreed to build a web application for a non-profit on behalf of a friend, and it was about four months since the initial COVID-19 lockdowns had ...

Dec 10, 2023
photography ai

Simulacra and Simulation featured in Dear Dave, Magazine

My conceptual photography project, Simulacra and Simulation, is featured in the latest issue of the photographic and literary journal, Dear Dave,. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dear Dave, magazine (@deardavemag)

Oct 23, 2023
ios android onebusaway donations

Geekwire: 'OneBusAway needs cash to keep popular transit app running'

GeekWire published an article about the state of financial precariousness that OneBusAway finds itself in today. I spoke to the author, Kurt Schlosser, for his story: One of those volunteers is Aaron Brethorst, the Seattle-based director of us...

Oct 16, 2023
ios android app-store donations

In-App Donations

I recently did some research into what is required for nonprofits accept donations in their iOS and Android apps. I document my findings here. Are you a fan of open source software and public transit? Make a tax-deductible donation to the volu...