I think I lost my Palm M500 tonight. I used to have an M100. I lost that too. I never get too worked up over losing my Palm devices for some reason. Oh well. If it doesn’t show up within a week (my apartment needs to be cleaned a bit) I’ll just buy Mark/Space’s Missing Sync and use my Toshiba e740. Hell, it’s better than the M500 anyway; it’s in color, has 64MB RAM, a 400MHz Xscale, integrated Wi-Fi, and it needs to be recharged about once every two days. Hah.

Update (about a minute later): Ok, I’m an idiot. I just discovered that my M500 was sitting under my laptop bag. Dumb dumb dumb. This is a good thing, though. I bought it originally to learn how to develop Palm apps using PRC-Tools (I’ll be damned if I have to use Codewarrior for Palm). Anyway, that’s that, and I think I need to sleep. :-)