If I ever meet Stuart Cheshire, I am going to buy him a beer.

I was bored to tears at work today – I completed the project that I’ve been working on a couple days ago, and everyone I work with is gone so I can’t get any feedback – so I started putzing around with how to get an mDNS Responder working with C#. I ended up finding this really cool implementation of Rendezvous for Windows called Howl that just works. This is so unbelievably cool; I have been trying to find a way to access my laptop (sugar daddy mac, my Powerbook G4/550MHz) from my Win2k workstation in an easy, reproducible manner for two months now without any luck. I have ended up using a USB memory stick when I absolutely need to transfer data. Now, with Howl, I can automagically find my mac without any trouble at all. Yay! Stuart Cheshire rocks my world.