I had an interesting day today. I re-realized that my co-workers absolutely love me for the simple reason that I do the work I’m expected to do. I don’t need supervision, I get stuff done on time, and it works. Apparently this is a big thing.

The second interesting thing that happened to me today was that I received an email from my recruiter for a previous job. I unsuccessfully applied for a job with this particular software company (of which you are undoubtedly acquainted with) last November, and I was expecting to interview with them again this November. The recruiter expressed a good deal of interest in what I have learned and accomplished over the last twelve months, and asked me to meet with him next week when he’s in Minneapolis.

The third interesting thing that happened to me today was that I received a phone call/interview from the one company I was starting to suspect would never actually call me back (they are apparently notorious about how long it can take to get an interview with them). Once again, you have heard of this company. I had a very pleasant conversation with this company employee, and only belatedly discovered (i.e. about half-way through the phone call) that this was one of those make-or-break sort of moments. I was being interviewed in a cold-call sort of manner. Thank god I can usually think well on my feet: I was asked if and when I would like to do a conference call interview with a few more people.

So, in any case, life is good, job prospects are good, and I’m going to California in a month to visit some people.

Also, in an attempt to better elucidate why I loved working for Microsoft, I highly recommend reading through this book draft. I found the link to it on Don Box’s weblog.

Oh yeah, one last thing (well, two, actually). Dennis Cheung is hilarious, and well worth reading (see the weblogs links to the right). iRooster 1.1 is drawing inexorably closer to beta candidate status. I finally gave the boot to the feeping creaturism that was setting into it. I’m just trying to make a few last sanity check passes through its functionality, and making a few hacked-around UI choices with the Alarm Editor a little more consistency (don’t worry, it’ll still look terrific).