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life is rather boring at the moment. I discovered today that my productivity goes through the roof when I’m not actually at work. Around 3 yesterday afternoon I attached a “working from home” post-it note to my office and left. I didn’t go in today at all. I got more done yesterday and today than I did all of last week. Does anyone else out there suffer from similar problems? I mean, I have always worked better in coffee shops than in offices, but it’s never been as pronounced as this. Weird shit. In other news, I’ve been merrily plugging away at bugs in iRooster, and getting the repeating alarms to work juuuuust right. Big mad props go out to Koen, who localised (not a typo) iRooster into Dutch for no reason other than he just rocks. The localization will be online soon. I have just been too busy since I got back from Madison to do anything other than Honeywell+iRooster 1.1.

School’s back in session here in Minnesota. The area I live in is teeming with college students again. They’re all starting to look young, which scares me a bit (considering that I’m only 21). I am starting to think that I should have just sucked it up for another two years and gone into an M.S. program (for Comp Sci or SwEng). Then again, if I was doing that right now I would be thinking that I’d rather be right where I am now. I guess I can’t really win at the moment. All I really know is that I don’t want to be living in Minnesota. Winter’s going to be coming soon and that will not be very pleasant. I’ve lived through my fair share of cold, snowy months here (considering snow tends to be on the ground for 6 months of the year, I have now spent upwards of 130 wintry months in Minnesota).

Say, does anyone on the west coast (read: Silicon Valley/San Francisco or Seattle/Redmond) want to hire a strapping young lad fresh out of college? (for software development work, I hasten to point out :-)