I ended up purchasing a Toyota Scion tC last week. I’m incredibly pleased with the purchsae; the car has power everything standard, AC standard, keyless entry standard, 17” alloy rims and the same tires they put on a $30,000 Lexus, a decent speaker system and CD player standard, blah blah blah. And it’s all at $16500 starting (no haggle).

Specifically, I will be getting a Black Cherry Pearl Scion tC (the coupe, not the box on wheels) with a manual transmission. I’m pumped, I’m thrilled, I just want to get rid of the damned Volvo I’ve been driving. The Volvo S60 is a very nice vehicle for some. Unfortunately, I’m not 35, and I dowant the car to act like it pays attention when I hit the damned gas pedal. Seriously, the acceleration on this $35,000 car is poorer than on my 10 year old, soon to be deceased Mazda.