Periodically I’ll go through the referrer reports and statistics for my website here. I am always amused by the search terms that bring people here. The following is the latest list.

search term ———– lincoln park trixies: yes - this actually will bring up my website. I’m #3 on google. amanda toop - #1 burns’ grandfather simpson - I’m stumped by this one. It doesn’t even really mean anything… trixies lincoln park - #3 again cutting cake - wow, I’m actually #10 on Google for cutting cake. That’s kinda freaky. lp trixies - #3 wwdc student blog - #6 steve ballmer i love this company speech - #5… sweet! make sure you check out the DomoKun video. gorgeous women - ??? esellerate engine - ??? nawrocke - #6 sweet, I have no doubt ruined Kelly’s career now… :-) kelly nawrocke - #1, baby! You really need to see this picture too. the funniest picture ever - #2, and it really is, too. “free porn” - I have no clue why my blog turned up on this guy’s search. byobb - #6 “What’s that ‘B’ for?” … “That’s a typo.” picture of person washing his face in sudan - #6. The poor bastard who did this search ended up reading about me being vomited on in January. kerry spring - ??? mac enigma simulator - #2. Sadly I only have a C# enigma simulator. school of fish pictures - I don’t see it on google, but this is a cool set of pictures. enigma simulator - #30 on Google now.