Hundreds of tons of high explosives are stolen in Iraq after Hussein’s dictatorship collapses. Whose responsibility is it that this happened? According to Scott McClellan, spokesman for the White House, it is a problem that belongs to the interim Iraqi government, which came into power more than a year after this event occurred. Huh? Does this confuse you too?

As Josh Marshall puts it, “The president wants to determine what went wrong. This reminds me of when I wanted to know why my Palm Pilot stopped working after I dropped it in the bath tub.”

Meanwhile, Bush is trying to suppress voter turnout by raising fears of terrorism on or before election day. Good call, man. Way to uphold the ideals of democracy, and the American spirit, and all that.

GMA: “I am worried about it and we should be worried about it. On the other hand, I don’t want people to say, that he knows something I don’t know and therefore, something is imminent.”

I feel like he’s basically saying ‘stay home and let me win so i can continue defending America against terrorism for another four years.’ Right…