Regardless of who wins next month, I’ll still have my beloved Master Chief a week later.

In other news, Sony’s “Halo Killer,” Killzone, drops one week before the 800LB gorilla of FPS console game, Halo 2. My take on it? Snooze, Sigh, Ho-hum. Whatever, Sony. Better luck next time, guys.

I’ve become so unenamored with the PS2. I’m excited about Metal Gear Solid 3 coming out, but that’s about it. I sincerely doubt I’ll buy Final Fantasy XII next year. I haven’t finished any of those games since FF6 (or 3 as it’s usually thought of here in the States).

FF7 - gave up after 20 hours, very cool game though. I wish they’d update and rerelease on PS2. I’d buy it. FF8 - gave up after 40 hours. Got bored on the very last level of the game. FF9 - gave up after 40 hours. Got bored almost at the end of the game. FF10 - gave up after 40 hours. Got bored. Really, really bored. In fact, I don’t know how I put up with it for forty hours.

Hmm, speaking of FF6… Looks like it’s still going for $20-$30 on eBay. That’s staying power, lemme tell ya, a decade after it came out it’s still going for half of its original price.