Dec 19, 2004 Personal Life

Life Happens

Today’s been one of those days best summarized by a list. Nothing very exciting or prose-worthy occurred today.

  • Woke up late, slept for something on the order of 12 hours. I’m finally starting to feel like more than a code-hacking, UI-designing gnome. This is good; soon I may feel not-so-burned-out.
  • Exchanged Jamie’s XMAS present… She’d given me a zippered fleece from Patagonia, and I exchanged it for a size bigger. It’s nice and warm, and almost painfully Seattle. ;-)
  • Finished watching Man on Fire with Denzel Washington. It’s incredibly good, and nothing like I expected. It has the cinematography of Fight Club without all of the weird anarchistic undertones.
  • Played with London for a while. I have visitation rights with her while Elize’s back in Wisconsin.
  • Walked to Diablo.
  • Ran into Asa Noriega here, not that anyone who reads this has any clue who she is… She’s one of a couple people responsible for making sure that Longhorn’s UI is kickass.
  • Refactored the living fuck out of my homebrew iTunes object model that I use in iRooster. It was getting a bit decrepit and funky, and desperately needed to be revised.
  • Leaving for MN in 31 hours. Not looking forward to it. Blah.

More soon, I’m sure.