Another Sunday means another iRooster update. This week saw a few developments.

iRooster for Mac OS X I am still plowing through v2.1.1. I released Beta 4 this week, which features a large reduction in lines of code in the project (I cut out about 1500 LOC), and a decent decrease in the size of the application itself (about 800KB). I have a few more bugs to work through before this gets released. Hopefully soon.

sixDollarChimp Website No updates here this week. I still have the Bug Tracker work to complete, UI modifications to Chimp Tunes, and the new site design to deploy. Look for more soon.

iRooster for Windows I have some new developments to report for iRooster for Windows, however. The application is still coming along quite well. I’ve spent a good deal of time working on the Snooze feature this week. You can see what it looks like currently below. This screenshot is taken from my Windows Media Center 2005 machine, which is where I am doing all of my development.