…and bananas, safety razors, and occasionally small children. But only when I’m about to miss the bus.

On a serious note, have you ever tried running for the bus with a latte in one hand and your 20 pound messenger bag stuffed to the gills with books, notebooks, a laptop, iPod, GBA SP, and a digital camera? It’s a fucking pain in the ass. Fortunately, this rarely happens to me. That said, the rainy season is almost upon here in Seattle and the weather will soon turn to shit.

When this occurs the drivers here will get even worse, and I will periodically turn to the bus to provide a much-needed respite from the hell on earth that is the I5-to-SR520 commute.

Two lighter notes:

  1. Alias Season 5 starts Thursday night.
  2. I received my new digital camera yesterday. It’s a Canon Elph SD200 (3.2MP, Li Ion battery, etc). It’s a sweet little thing and I got it for a steal at $200 with a 1GB memory card.

Oh yes, and my new favorite weblog is There’s Something About Chelsea.