Here are the last few thermometer readings from me:

Friday, 2AM - 101.7 Friday, 7AM - 100.9 Friday 9:20AM - 99.3 Friday 11:45AM - 99.7 Friday 1:10PM - 99.3 Friday 3:15PM - 98.3 (this is normal. 98.6 is actually high for me) Friday 5:15PM - 98.5 (It’s been a few hours since I last had any acetaminophen; i assume this is why my temperature is heading back up slightly).

I speculate that 9:20AM may be slightly off since it is difficult for me to keep a thermometer under my tongue right now (nose is stuffed up, can only breathe through my mouth). That said, I’m definitely feeling better than I did the last time I posted.

Looks like I’m back to normal as of 3:15PM. i finally had to put a sweater back on as I’m cold for the first time today (a good sign as I’ve had my windows open and it’s not exactly warm outside). I’m still sick and my fever will probably spike again at some point today. I’ve been taking acetaminophen to decrease my temperature and it appears to have been doing a bang-up job.

My throat’s still sore, my ears are still plugged, and my nose is still running, but at least I no longer feel like I want to die.