“Amped 3” (2K Sports) I’ve been an SSX fan ever since it was a PS2 launch title, and I’ve never given Amped the time of day. A review on Gamespot just made me think I should reconsider, though. “A huge part of what makes the story so appealing–and, really Amped 3 in general–is the game’s incredibly inspired, enthusiastic art style. Cutscenes are rendered with 8-bit graphics, sock puppets, full-motion video, anime, stop-motion animation, comic books, and stock educational film footage, all the while pulling from influences ranging from The Yellow Submarine to Entertainment Tonight.”

“Call of Duty 2” (Activision Inc.) I’ll be picking this up with the console. End of story.

“Condemned: Criminal Origins” (SEGA Corp.) I’ll probably get this after it drops in price.

“FIFA Soccer 06Road to 2006 FIFA World Cup” (Electronic Arts Inc.) Don’t care.

“GUN™” (Activision) Sounds absolutely terrible from all the reviews I’ve read.

“Kameo: Elements of Power” (Microsoft Game Studios and Rare Ltd.) I’ll be getting this at the Company Store as soon as possible.

“Madden NFL 06” (Electronic Arts) Don’t care.

“NBA 2K6” (2K Sports) Don’t care.

“NBA LIVE 06” (Electronic Arts) Don’t care. (seeing a pattern?)

“Need for Speed Most Wanted” (Electronic Arts) Meh, PGR3.

“NHL 2K6” (2K Sports) Don’t care.

“Perfect Dark Zero” (Microsoft Game Studios and Rare Ltd.) Picking this up ASAP.

“Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie” (Ubisoft) I’m going to hold off on this for a while, but the idea of fucking up T-Rexes with a gigantic ape has a certain…appeal for me :-).

“Project Gotham Racing 3” (Microsoft Game Studios and Bizarre Creations Ltd.) Yep, I’ll be getting this.

“Quake 4™” (id Software and Activision) A perfect title to pick up once it drops to thirty bucks.

“Ridge Racer 6” (Namco Ltd.) Meh, we’ll see. PGR3.

“Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06” (Electronic Arts) Don’t care.

“Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland” (Activision) Don’t care.