GridSkipper introduced a new service with the beginning of 24 Day 5 last month, the Jacktracker.

The Jacktracker features: Insightful commentary (“Jack is dead. No he’s not. Frank Flynn = Jack Bauer. Frank drills oil, as well as Diane Huxley.”),

Useful data points (Hard Perimeters in Place: 0; Hard Perimeter Breaches: 1; Terrorist Attacks: 1; 24 Time/Distance Reality Breaches: 2),

Blow-by-blow accounts of who died, dead guy from 24

and annotated Google Maps-powered depictions of Jack’s many travels around L.A. County (“Jack Bauer: CTU to Hidden Valley, California, via Spaceship Enterprise: 47 miles over 10 Minutes = 282 mph. Give us a break…”)