May 23, 2006 Video Games

Sony Embarasses Itself

As a followup to Rrriiiiidge Racer! from last week, I have a five minute video presenting the absolute low-lights of Sony’s E3 Press Conference. Is it somewhat unfair? Yes, certainly. Does it take advantage of all the dumb shit Kaz Hirai had to say at E3? Most definitely. Does Sony deserve this negative attention given all of the grandiose statements they’ve made over the past two years? Absolutely yes.

It tuns out that the 5 minute video is essentially an ‘ad’ for (my new favorite website) Sony couldn’t have played the month of May any worse than they have, between the anemic E3 showing, Heavenly Sword falling out of the launch window, and Sony’s ludicrous recent statements about how they’d sell 5 million PS3s even without any games available for the console.