I’m walking down the street to Victrola Coffee yesterday from my apartment. It’s 5pm on a Saturday, and all of the crazies are out…including my new personal favorite: a gay man wearing a towel on his head and a dress. His story goes something like this:

I lost my wig (or it was stolen, this is not particularly clear), and I need to buy a new one, since I’m mostly bald. That’s why I’m wearing a bath towel on my head. I’m totally broke, though, and can’t afford a wig. The only thing I have that is worth any money are $50 in food stamps that I’m willing to sell to you for only $25 so that I can go buy a wig. Are you interested?

Even though I’ve lived in Capitol Hill for the better part of a year, this story/request was weird enough to leave me a bit taken aback. I politely declined his request, but I hope he found someone else to buy his food stamps off him.