Every now and then I get into a masochistic mood, prompting me to read NewsMax, a proud purveyor of mainstream American notions and values, like “Bill Clinton hates America,” or “MoveOn.org is sponsored by a crazy, liberal billionaire who is trying to raise your taxes” (my question, why would that even make sense?).

One of my favorite ads on the site is for StopMoveOn.org, which seems to be able to pony up millions for nutty, conservative TV ads, but can’t pay a copy editor $15 an hour to grammar check their website.

The ads on the site are priceless, in any case. I highly recommend watching them. It turns out that the organization behind StopMoveOn is a front for a group of conservative Wall Street financiers. You’ve gotta love that these people who are at least partially responsible for getting the “Heartland’s” jobs shipped overseas are attempting to rile them up enough to vote, in an attempt to keep their radical ultraconservative agenda alive (you know, it’s not nearly as much fun to say ultraconservative as ultraliberal, but such is life, I suppose). Ah, the delicious irony.