It strikes me that anyone capable of this sort of inane stupidity should never have made it into an Ivy League school in the first place:

The scene: A play at Princeton’s Berlind Theater needs a line-prompter. A group email seeks volunteers. To minimize needless responses, the vounteer is to "reply all" so everyone knows the position has been filled. Freshman KaYee Ivy Lau responds, "I can do it if you still need someone :)" Enter, stage two-left-feet: Roby Sobieski, sophomore thespian and little brother of actress Leelee Sobieski. Noticing Ms. Lau’s foreign-sounding name, Roby pens a patronizing response that quotes English dictionaries at length and points her to a career in telemarketing. He sends it to the entire list...

But then again, what do I know? I only went to a public university.

and kudos to the beautiful Ms. Allison for a link to the article.