Shoot the Blog, PhotoShelter’s daily update on all things interesting to stock photographers (and me), had an interesting post today on how to drum up more interest in your portfolio. Namely, Jacob Pritchard, an extremely talented photographer out of New York, is giving away a free print of every image he posts on his weblog. I was lucky enough to claim Jacob’s second picture of Hungarians on the rooftop, and I look forward to matting and framing it as soon as it arrives. 

Meanwhile, though, I must say that I think this is a fantastic idea, and it’s not like I give away enough of my prints as it is, so why not be totally unoriginal and copy Jacob’s model word-for-word?

So, here’s the deal: I post my favorite pictures from each set I take. Usually every weekend. Usually there are three or four pictures I post per set. Be the first person to leave a comment or email me (my email address is super-easy: aaron at this domain name), and you’ll get a free print from the ones shown on this site. Anywhere in the world. No strings.

Sound good? 

To get this off on the right foot, be the first to request a print from my set from Gas Works Park last weekend, and it’s all yours. Wes? I’m talking to you! :)