Sep 10, 2008 Music

Death Cab for Cutie and TV on the Radio

I’m just finishing up lunch, and was spending some time reflecting over the past couple weeks when I realized I never mentioned my day at Bumbershoot on Labor Day. I caught Death Cab for Cutie headlining that night, and was as thoroughly impressed by them as I always am, Ben’s twitchy rocking notwithstanding

I’m never a fan of arena shows, and Death Cab is popular enough, now, at least in Seattle, to only be accessible through this medium. Even so, they still manage to put together a compelling performance, from their opening with Bixby Canyon Bridge to the closer of Transatlanticism (which is far better live than it is on the album).

Do catch Death Cab live if and when you get the chance. 

Last Saturday, I caught TV on the Radio at the Showbox SoDo, and was blown away by them live. I picked up their last album, Return to Cookie Mountain, on a whim earlier this year, and have been waiting with bated breath for them to return to Seattle. Tunde Adebimpe was electrifying, the entire band was great. Wow. I can’t wait for Dear Science, their next album, to come out at the end of the month.