Immediate reactions after first firing up iTunes 8, and configuring the Genius feature:

  • Wow, I didn't think Apple could make iTunes look more inconsistent with the rest of the OS and itself than they already had. Guess they topped my expectations.
  • Genius is cool, but why can't I resize it?
  • Genius shows me some stuff I already have.
  • Why doesn't Genius let me say "yes, I like this album," or "no, I hate this album?"
  • I can't get rid of the little arrow links to the iTunes Store in the tabular view anymore. Very unfortunate.
  • iTunes still uses song artist instead of album artist for sorting tracks. You'd think that no one at Apple ever listens to any rap or hip-hop (or any music where the album contains more than one artist). It shouldn't take me several clicks to listen to all of Stankonia or Thievery Corporation's The Cosmic Game.
Overall rating: eh, it's fine.