Against all expectations I’ve been carrying, Election ‘08 continues to head up the list of Apple’s top paid apps in the AppStore. I keep thinking that it’s finally topped out, and then am surprised to find that it’s gone up another spot. At least people seem to be interested in this year’s Presidential election. That’s always a good thing! :)

In other news, I’ve been spending some more time thinking about v1.2 of Election ‘08, which I will hopefully have available soon after v1.1 has been approved (I’m trying to have the next version ready to go the same day the one under review by Apple is approved). I think that I’m going to be including:

  • National tracking polls - I don't think they carry much in the way of useful information, given that our election is decided on a state-by-state basis, but I can understand the desire to see these in order to follow national sentiment.
  • Poll smoothing - More sensible poll smoothing along the lines of or RCP.
Any other big obvious features I should be including? (Besides a map, that is. This is a serious pain as features go, but I am looking at it).