Jan 14, 2009 Zoon Politikon


Roger Ebert:

I am moved by generosity, empathy, courage, and by the human capacity to hope. During Barack Obama's victory speech on Nov. 4, I felt a powerful, long-sustaining feeling of uplift. No, it was not because of the speech, however powerful. It was because of those hundreds of thousands together in Grant Park, a sea of humanity, all races, all religions, all ethnicities, all together, affirming American hope. It was not so much that they had elected a black man as our president, although that was a part. It was because they had risen up and affirmed the America I grew up believing in.

Amen to that. Although I was in Seattle, not Chicago at the time, I was surrounded by hundreds of like-minded, teary-eyed, patriotic Americans. All united in their love for—and belief in—their country.

via I feel good! I knew that I would! - Roger Ebert’s Journal.