In your face, Nikon users! Obama’s portrait was shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, with what looks like the 24-105L kit lens (although ‘kit’ seems like such a dirty word for a beautiful lens like that). 

It seems that Pete Souza, the official White House photographer, used two strobes in the portrait. There is one at camera left with a shoot-through umbrella, and another at camera-right, which looks like a…softbox? Tragically, I’m not nearly the strobist that David Hobby is, so I can’t say definitively.

A few more factoids:

  • Pete's a Mac user
  • Pete, just like the rest of the world, is still using Photoshop CS3
  • There's a little bit of lint on Barack's suit: underneath the American flag pin, and then some more on the other suit lapel
  • This is the first time the official Presidential portrait has been shot with a digital camera

New official portrait released | The Obama-Biden Transition Team.