Sasha and Malia Obama started attending Sidwell Friends School, a private Quaker K-12 school, today. In case you’re looking for more on Sidwell Friends, here’s some information I put together on the institution.

  • It's located about four-and-a-half miles from the White House, a 12 minute drive. [Google Maps]
  • It was started 126 years ago, in 1883. [Wikipedia]
  • Previous attendees have included the children of Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon (who was, himself, a Quaker), Bill Clinton, and Al Gore. [Wikipedia]
  • It currently enrolls 1,091 students, with 35 more boys than girls. [Wikipedia]
  • Annual tuition is $28,442 for elementary students, and $29,442 for middle and high school students, plus some additional fees. [Sidwell Friends]
  • The menu beats the crap out of the Sysco-provided lunches I received while I was in school: cheese tortellini and garlic green beans, with a clementine to top it off, anyone? [Sidwell Friends]

via First Day of School for Obama Girls - The Caucus Blog.