Former Senator Norm Coleman

My least favorite former Senator of recent memory, Norm Coleman, got a little kick in the groin today when the Senate phonebook was published without his name in it. In other news, Alan Mathiowetz of Edina, MN is my new favorite person with his letter to the editor published in today’s Strib:

As the U.S. Congress starts work on trying to repair the damage done to the economy by Norm Coleman and his party, his selfish egotism deprives Minnesota its full complement of representation in the decisionmaking process. Norm is playing at obstruction even as the U.S. economy falls off a cliff. Shame on you, Mr. Coleman. Be a man, for once in your life; concede and get out of the way.

Of course, shame doesn’t seem to enter into it for Norm. Otherwise, he would never have sent his campaign manager, Culleen Sheehan, out for this piece of kabuki theater back in October.


It seems I’m not the only one who’s sick of Norm’s shenanigans. Kevin Monn, a financial adviser in St. Paul who voted for Former Senator Coleman back in November, had the following to say to the NYTimes:

I think Coleman’s got to decide whether he wants future aspirations for politics in this state,” he said. “If he drags it out too much farther, he might ruin that.