I started a 365 photo project on the first day of January. Perhaps not the best day, as I was nursing a mean hangover, but I’d still managed to shoot a portrait in the wee hours of that morning that I thought had some redeeming value to it.

Subsequently, I’ve shot hundreds of photos and saved what I think are the 31 best best for inclusion in some sort of arbitrary record of my growth as a photographer. And grow I think I have. I’d like to say that I really have noticed a distinct uptick in my ability to produce tolerable photos over the past few weeks. Hopefully, this will continue throughout the next 11 months, and I will enter 2010 with a portfolio that doesn’t suck. 


Here are a few quick facts about my January photos:

  • People photos: 16
  • Unique people: 6 (Nikolai, Aaron, Helen, Rob, Old Homeless Man from Honolulu, Dominic)
  • Fruit photos: 7
  • Photos that made it to Explore (Flickr's daily list of the '500 most interesting photos,' whatever interesting means): 7
  • Fruit photos that made it to Explore: 4
  • Black and white photos: 10
  • Black and white photos on Explore: 2
  • Hours spent: way too many
  • Camera body: Canon 40D
  • Lenses: 24-70L f/2.8, 70-200L f/4, 100mm macro f/2.8
  • Strobes: Nikon SB-800 and Canon 430EX
  • Accessories: PocketWizard II+'s, Justin clamp, Manfrotto 001B light stand, Apollo softbox, Westcott covertible umbrella, Canon RS-80N3 remote, Manfrotto tripod, wrapping paper or foamcore for my white seamless and black seamless shots, DIY cardboard snoot.